Monday, October 26, 2009

Frozen Tikka Masala?

I used to think frozen food was the Antichrist. It just seemed sacrilegious to me to take a block of frozen food out of a box then stick it in another box, push some buttons and then eat the contents.

Then I became a mother...frozen food was a Godsend. You know the scenario; everyone else has been fed, the dishes are done, laundry folded and the foodie who got left out (that's you) needs some sustenance that is nutritional and somewhat palatable. What to do? I started trying out some frozen options when I could make a single serving of bean and cheese nachos (my new mom go-to-meal) in my sleep.

As I have experimented through the years I have discovered many wonderful optins.

In particular I am really enjoying a series of Indian dishes from Trader Joe's new frozen foods section. The masala is some of the best I have had - rich, buttery, flavorful and fresh. What more could you ask for in a single serve frozen meal?
Not to mention the basmati rice that accompanies the dish is fluffy and moist with the perfect amount of cumin seeds incorporated throughout. Give it a try if your looking for a gourmet on-the-go tasteful delight.


  1. Hey, this is good to know! Sounds good. I am gonna try it.

  2. Yey! Glad I could help...thanks for keeping tabs on tabskeepingtabs