Friday, October 23, 2009

Stuffed & Wrapped - Tabetha's Signature Steak

Steak and mushrooms have always gone together in my mind. So I started this would-be grilled meal by stuffing shitake mushrooms with a cream cheese, crab, scallion mixture. In the future I would use a more substantial mushroom. After the mushroom is grilled with bacon oil splashing on it from the background and the inner filling warm and creamy - the desired efffect is reached.
Allow the filet's to come to room temperature and cut a small hole in the side opening up a bigger hole with a knife to fill with Blue or Gorgonzola cheese. Using toothpicks or skewers wrap and set applewood or maple smoked bacon around your filet. This also seals in the cheese so that you get the desired saturation of pungeant cheese into the steak upon cooking.

A salad of my current favorite lettuce - mache, cubed pink lady apple, honey sesame cashews, gorgonzola, and pepper mustard red wine vinnagrette.

We had grill issues and ended up cooking the steaks on a grill pan then transferring to the cast iron skillet and baking for 15 minutes. This proved beneficial, especially in making sure the bacon was cooked through.

No, this is not a heart healthy meal - this is a happy mouth meal and should probably only to be enjoyed a couple times a year. Very little effort is involved, but you would easily pay $100 for this meal at a nice restaurant. Every last bit is worth savouring. Sorry Martha dog - nothing left for you.

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