Friday, October 23, 2009

Last Nights Dinner - The Dog Seal of Approval and Simple Salad Rules Revealed

Bacon, bacon, bacon...many a great dish begins with the crispy, salty, heavenly pig fat. As my dining companion pointed out, "Most vegetarians will agree that of all the things they miss from their meat-eating days, Bacon tops the list."I started my four cheese tortellini by cooking three pieces of bacon. I set the bacon aside then removed all but a tablespoon of grease in the pan. Whole baby bella mushrooms went in to the hot ail and were cooked on high heat with salt, fresh cracked pepper and a little pat of butter.
Next went in the tortellini I had made prior to the bacon. I aadded some beluga lentils and tossed to coat the tortellini with all the flavors. Covered and simmered on low for a half hour.

A sign you are doing something right - the dog comes to the edge of the stove and goes into a blissful trance by smelling seductive aromas coming off the pan.

Upon serving - top with freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano and fresh bacon bits

Finish it all off with my simple salad rules:
1. Good Lettuce - in this case Mache or Lambs ear
2. A fresh or dried frut - in this case fresh rasberries
3. A crunchy nut or seed - in this case sweet and salty dry roasted crushed peanuts
4. Cheese - in this case gorgonzola
5. Homeade Dressing - in this case Rasberry Honey Mustard Balsamic Vinnagrette

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