Monday, October 19, 2009

Ayurvedic Tri-dosha Cooking Class

(Ayu is life and Veda means knowledge. Knowledge of Life is Ayurveda)

Ayurevedic food sounds kinda healthy, doesn't it? Well it is, but it tastes delicious, fantastcally fresh and flavorful. Plus there's lots of guilt free butter, otherwise called Ghee, in many of the dishes.

Fresh Ginger being expertly prepared.

Ayurevda is a practice dating back over 2,000 years ago and the main idea is to make food that supports a healthy lifestyle in body, mind and Spirit.

"The ayurevedic cook derives his knowledge of herbs, spices, vegetables, legumes and so forth from the Ayurveda, which helps them maintain physical, mental, social and spiritual harmony.
Ayurvedic foods are appetizing, flavorful and aromatic and a way of offering love, becoming healing when served in an inspiring atmosphere. The cleansing of toxins that have entered the body and the electrochmeical vitalizing of the body are main objectives. Ayurvedic cooking thus is an art and science at the same time, when cooking becomes alchemy and food becomes Tantra.
The basic principles of Ayurvedic Cooking are: the five elements, the three doshas, the three gunas, the seven Dathus and the six Tastes. It also attaches a lot of attention to the effect of the cooking method on the quality of the foods, the importance of the vibrations of the cook and the surrounding atmosphere, the compatibility of foods, the right time for cooking and eating, the cycle of the seasons and the effects of foods on consciousness."
Mustard Seeds sauteing in Ghee.

Fresh Spices and herbs being prepared for Dosha balancing Delights.

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