Monday, October 19, 2009

More ayurveda...

There is something really beautiful about using fresh, simple and delicious ingredients and really taking advantage of an over 2,000 year old practice of preparing food that is designed to make you feel good. It's so simple and rewarding.

Even if you are just preparing ayurvedic food to cure a hangover, or get through a nasty winter cold - it's worth taking a little bit of extra time to call upon ancient knowledge rather than running to the drugstore to pump your body full of more stuff your body has to process. It seems like less work in the long run to work with the body to help it heal itself.
Steamed apples - a common appetizer in ayurvedic meals. Yes, I did say appetizer. The idea is that the apple is filling, fragrant, and satisfying. Plus you get to eat your fruit with nuts warm spices to allow your body to begin digesting properly and alleviate a tendancy to overeat during your meal. To me, this is the perfect dish for Thanksgiving - to cure what I call the "standing-around-the-kitchen-salivating-with-starvation-because-the-turkey-isn't-done-yet-situation" so many cooks dread.

Best hangover cure ever!

That's fresh baked mashed pumpkin with fresh sauteed fennel - Perfect!

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