Monday, October 5, 2009

Beer and Brats

This was one of the first time I have experienced bratwurst style sausage, with sourkraut and the whole deal. I would say we did it up right, by starting the evening off drinking some locally brewed Hanger 24 Alt right from our handy growler. Finding them wasn't easy. We ended up with some fancy flavored sausages from Gerards deli counter. Naturally, we grilled them. And I picked the purple cabbage sourkraut as opposed to the white stuff, just because it was pretty. I found it to be a little more tart than I was expecting and think I would go with the white craut for a more traditional flavor next time.

Ian whipped up his famous curry onion catsup mixture to accompany the brats and kraut. Yummy!
And there you go, toasted buns, brats, curry catsup, craut and some Trader Joes Old-Fashioned Potato Salad. Good to go...

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