Monday, October 5, 2009

Char Grilled Pork Soft Spring Rolls

They definitely don't look as good as they taste but all that means, is that I need to brush up on my photography of food skills because these things are the BOMB! Right now they are my #1 most craved food in the IE. Imagine taking a bite into the chewy soft rice skin, biting into peanuts, sweet, tender and juicy pork, fresh roasted peanuts, moist rice noodles and having the peanut sauce you just dipped it in, drip down your arm as you nod off into texture/taste heaven.

Basically the good people at Pho Vinam in Riverside make these perfectly packaged "pork pho burritos" in about five minutes and only charge $3.50 for two huge rolls. They are incredible, filling and delicious. Never miss an opportunity when traveling past the University exit to stop and grab some of these. You will not be sorry.

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